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Rules for 18 hole - 3 Person Scramble

  • Scoring is by Stableford.

  • Each Player Tees off. The players then select a drive, whichever drive is selected the player plays the ball, as it lies, from the spot, the other players may place their ball on the fariway only within 6" of that spot and play on. The same rule applies for subsequent shots from fairway only. ball coming to rest in the rough must be played from thet spot and other players may drop (not place) their ball as near as possible to the original spot where the first ball came to rest.

  • Ball chosen on green for play - spot must be marked and second player must putt from this spot.

  • A player may not finish the hole before other player putts, otherwise the first put must be recorded.

  • 1/10 of the combined handicap.

These are rules for 18 hole 3 Person Scramble.

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Note : These rules are for illustration / information only and may change on the day of play. Please only use the official rules for the date of your game.



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