Ground Treatments

Ground Treatments at Mount Juliet Estate

GROUND Rituals will include gentle breathwork, hands on rhythmical pressures and techniques and the compelling powers of aromatherapy oils. All these elements combine to create a mindful moment in time customised for you. A moment to be truly present in your body as you lean in to relaxation and peacefulness.


The Treatment Suites


The Grounding Full Body Massage

A restorative massage treatment to soothe and comfort the full body using slow and rhythmical techniques, this treatment helps to alleviate muscular tension while have a mediative, deeply relaxing effect. The potent essential oils will help set your intention to ground and connect to self while restoring balance in the body

55mins – €98


The Grounding Ritual

Sacred time for you to allow healing in. This treatment will provide you with the space and time to reconnect to source, to tap into your body’s ability to self-repair and re-align and will leave you feeling replenished and grounded in your body. Focused on the back of the body and specifically centred on the areas that are prone to tightness and tension. Feel your body and soul come together again.

55mins – €98


Mums To Be Comforting Ritual

Please note: Maternity massage is suitable from 16+ weeks. All non-vaccinated pregnant Guests will require GP’s approval to have Spa treatments during Covid. GP’s note can be given on check-in to Spa Reception.

A deeply comforting treatment for Mum to Be as she cradles her baby within. This treatment centres on a gentle rhythmical massage to hold and relax expecting Mum. It is a grounding treatment to soothe and release tired muscles specifically in the shoulders, back and lower legs as the body grows and glows with each trimester.

55mins – €98


Abdominal Cleanse Ritual

The gut is our second brain, much of our wellbeing depends on it. With the intention to move our system into the state of rest and digest, this treatment helps encourage our gut to connect deeply into our body. The aim is to gently stimulate the circulation of lymph, nerve and fresh blood flow to the digestive organs. The fresh circulation helps bring the body’s core back to homeostasis and balance. This warming treatment focuses on relaxing and soothing the abdomen physically while stimulating the area to aid detoxification. Acupressure points on the feet are worked on to prompt digestion and metabolism. Breathwork and mindfulness help tune into this powerhouse within the body to manage anxiety and stress, helping to tune in to our deeper consciousness and intuition

55mins – €98