At the academy we aim to capture the excitement, passion and enjoyment of the game, channelling it into expert coaches that helps seasoned golfers improve in ways they never thought possible and transforms absolute beginners into enthusiastic players. We do this through combining the very best coaching philosophies with technologies such as Toptracer.

Top Tracer

Toptracer is an industry-leading technology that provides instant feedback and data-driven insights allowing you to gain more from
each practice session. The technology can be accessed through 21” screens in three hitting bays in The Academy, as well as anywhere on the grass tee range where data and games are delivered straight to players’ mobile devices via the Toptracer Range App.

Fitting Studio

The Academy also has a dedicated Callaway fitting studio, and an Odyssey fitting suite, which will be exclusively available for members and guests to hit during warm-up and practice sessions on
the range.

Callaway and Odyssey rental clubs will also be available for the visiting golfer at Mount Juliet Estate.


Matt Sandercock

Matt Sandercock is a fellow PGA professional and the Director of Golf here at the Mount Juliet Estate. Matt joined us in 2017, bringing with him a history of coaching at all levels, including success with European Tour Players. Through his coaching, he has aided top amateurs in taking those final steps to be Tour-ready, but takes no less pride in his ability to craft a swing from scratch with the beginners he has worked with.

Lessons with Matt are available individually, in which he’ll apply his philosophy of using your own specific abilities to maximise your potential – aided by the cutting-edge technologies of Trackman.

“When pitching think of a smooth rhythm throughout the entire swing. Grip up and down the club to alter the distance of shot when in practice so you are able to become more consistent at your yardages and always keep a light grip so you generate more feel in your action.” Matt Sandercock, Fellow PGA Professional

Sean Cotter

Sean Cotter is a PGA professional and has been the Club Resident Professional at the Mount Juliet Estate since 2002. During that first year, Sean was on hand to observe and learn from the world’s greatest players as they took to our course for the American Express World Championships. Sean’s philosophy is that once a player has mastered the fundamentals of the sport, they should then allow the golf club itself to become the ‘teacher’. This allows the pupil to develop trust in the club they wield and develop a natural swing to suit their own physical makeup.

Sean teaches all abilities and ages, drawing on simple but effective drills and the insights of Trackman technology in both the group clinics and private tuition that he leads.

“Keeping your eye in the ball is a crucial part of hitting consistent shots. This entails following the ball flight after impact, therefore, allowing the body to turn resulting in a belt buckle facing the target. Don't confuse this with "Keep your head down " which has a blocking effect on the follow-through.” Sean Cotter, PGA Professional

Chris Blackmore

PGA Professional with coaching experience stretching across the USA, UK and Ireland at different levels from beginners, to elite amateurs to professionals.

Chris is an accredited Wedgematrix Instructor with a passion for short game, helping golfers to improve their ability to score and therefore enjoy the game more.


"I believe is that a golfer can improve their game more efficiently by having an understanding of their natural patterns whilst using skill and performance-based tasks to develop them." Chris Blackmore, PGA Professional


Golf 1


To learn with Trackman is learning with science and fact. Our dedicated Professionals will be able to retrieve the finest details from your swing and feed back to you the most effective way to transform your game.

1 Hour Lesson Starting from €85

Golf Classes in the Academy

Lesson Package with PGA Professionals

Enjoy three, one-hour lessons with one of our PGA Professionals at the Academy at Mount Juliet Estate.

With a complimentary Ball Fitting or Gapping Session at the end of your final lesson.

Lessons are available 7 days a week. You will get to experience the very best in coaching and facilities.

These 3, one-hour lessons package from €225.

Golf Classes

Single Lessons at the Academy

Lessons are available 7 days a week here at the Estate where you will get to experience the very best in coaching and facilities. With an academy that allows you to hit every club in the bag to a multitude of greens, this is learning like no other.

30 Minute Lesson from – €50
60 minute Lesson from – €80
9 Hole Playing Lesson Available from – €225