At Mount Juliet Estate, we know a thing or two about feeling good. From pooltime to pedicures, a round of golf to a restful sauna, a woodland walk to a weights’ session, our wellbeing offering is holistic and exceptional.

Located in and around Hunter’s Yard, our Health Club offers a heated 15 metre swimming pool, steam and sauna rooms and treatment rooms. Together with our new gym and enchanting gardens, you’ll find the perfect combination of activities, exercise, and wellbeing options.

Whether relaxing, revitalising, or re-energising at Mount Juliet Estate, we’re here to give your body, mind, and spirit a five-star refresh.


The Classic Full Body Massage

The classic full body massage is a Swedish style massage that we tailor to your specific preferences or needs. Using rhythmic strokes and kneading techniques, our therapists alleviate general stress and restore overall harmony, while addressing any particular issues you may have.

Hand Massage at Mount Juliet Estate Health Club

Hand Massage

Most people never even consider a ‘hand massage’ but when they realise how good it feels, they come back for more. The therapist focuses on the over-worked hand and arm muscles, leaving them soothed, refreshed and energised.

Mount Juliet Foot Massage

Foot Massage

Feet and knees take quite a punishing through day-to-day work and play. This massage re-energises knee joints, calf muscles and feet, awakening tired, aching soles and putting a spring back in your stride.

Hot Stone Back Treatment at Mount Juliet Health Club

Ache Away’ Hot Stone Back Treatment

The warmth of hot stone massage treats the muscles, relieving tension in the back, neck and shoulders. But first, a thorough exfoliation rouses the pores and nerve endings. The treatment finishes with a soothing mask of black mud from The Dead Sea.