At Mount Juliet Estate, we know a thing or two about feeling good. From pooltime to pedicures, a round of golf to a restful sauna, a woodland walk to a weights’ session, our wellbeing offering is holistic and exceptional.

Located in and around Hunter’s Yard, our Health Club offers a heated 15-metre swimming pool, steam and sauna rooms and treatment rooms. Together with our new gym and enchanting gardens, you’ll find the perfect combination of activities, exercise, and well-being options.

Whether relaxing, revitalising, or re-energising at Mount Juliet Estate, we’re here to give your body, mind, and spirit a five-star refresh.


Treatments Suites

Ground Products

Restorative Face, Neck & Scalp Ritual

Combining nurturing facial massage with soothing Gua Sha techniques this slow, flowing massage treatment works to reconnect the mind and

1Ground Products 2

Grounding Full Body Massage

A restorative massage treatment to soothe and comfort the full body using slow and rhythmical techniques, this treatment helps to alleviate
muscular tension while having a mediative, deeply relaxing effect.

Ground 3

The Grounding Ritual

 This treatment will provide you with the space and time to reconnect to source, to tap into your body’s ability to self-repair and realign and will leave you feeling replenished and grounded in your body.

Ground Products 4

Abdominal Cleanse Ritual

This treatment helps encourage our gut to connect deeply into our body. The aim is to gently stimulate the circulation of lymph, nerve and fresh blood flow to the digestive organs.