Whether you want to relieve stress, get in shape or stay in shape, you’ll find everything you need in the Mount Juliet Estate Health Club.

Located near Hunter’s Yard, close to the golf course, the Leisure Centre has a 15 metre indoor heated pool, with Hydra water jets and a waterfall, a sauna and steam room. There’s a fully-equipped gym, with fully-qualified personnel ready to give you the right advice for your body’s specific needs. Regular classes are held too, including aqua aerobics, step aerobics, body conditioning and swimming.

Mount Juliet Estate, Health Club is also home to the only personal Kinesis Wall in the region. Our experts will show you how you can use it to improve your strength, articulator flexibility and your dexterity.

Opening Hours

7am – 8.45pm, Monday to Friday

8am – 7.45pm, Saturday and Sunday.

Kids hours are 9am -12noon and 3pm – 6pm every day.

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Kundulini Yoga is available at Mount Juliet Estate.

Kundalini describes the lifeforce within everyone of us; it is the highest form of energy and the chakras.  Kundulini Yoga is a yoga of awareness and incorporates exercise, breath, and meditation to help strengthen, relax, and heal the body, mind and spirit.
Benefits of Kundalini Yoga include:
• Increases energy and vitality, relaxing mind and body
• Relief from stress, addiction, depression and insomnia
• Helps heal back pain, sexual dysfunction and neurosis
• Strengthens immune and nervous systems
• Balances metabolism, digestion (weight Control)
• Increases circulation and purifies the blood
• Promotes muscle strength and flexibility
• Anti-aging both mentally and physically

To book Kundulini Yoga plase contact the Health Club on 056 7773040

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