Maternity Treatments

Pregnancy affects your entire body, so it’s important to take care of your whole self. This incredibly relaxing, deeply calming massage does just that. It’s a full body, face and scalp massage that helps soothe aches and pains related to pregnancy making it an ideal treatment to have throughout
your maternity and beyond.


Anyone who has been pregnant knows how tiring it is for legs and feet. This super-indulgent treatment combines a thorough face and scalp massage, with a deluxe leg and foot massage. It soothes aches, relieves pains, rejuvenating you and putting you in a positive emotional and physical state in advance of your delivery.



This is a deeply hydrating facial, making it the perfect antidote for the delicate, hormonal skin we experience during pregnancy. And it doesn’t end there. We include a luxurious shoulder, face and scalp massage to soothe you and your baby.


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