Spa Etiquette

The Treatment Suites at Mount Juliet are open to Hotel Guests and non-residents alike. We recommend that everyone books in advance to be sure of getting a time that suits. Bookings are secured with a credit card number when they’re being confirmed. Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment time are subject to a 100% cancellation fee – as are “no shows”.

We ask that visitors to the Spa use the bathrobes, slippers and towels provided and recommend that belongings are stowed in lockers
for safekeeping.

We ask visitors to arrive 15 minutes
before their treatment is due to start, to be sure they get maximum benefit out of the time allowed. The Treatment Suites are located in The Hunters’ Yard area of the Estate, which is about five minutes walk from the main house.
If you do arrive late, we may need to curtail your treatment time to accommodate subsequent bookings



- The Treatment Suites at Mount Juliet are only open to people aged 16 or over
-We cannot give treatments to people who have been drinking.
- Treatments are suitable for both women and men the Relaxation Room is communal.
- There are separate male and female changing areas, showers and bathroom facilities.
- We ask that visitors remember the Spa is a place of peaceful sanctuary. Please try to speak softly and    keep the noise levels down.
- Please make sure your mobile phone is switched off and left In your locker.


The first priority of our team is the health, safety and well-being of our visitors. If you have a medical condition – however slight – please let us know in case it conflicts with
any of our treatments. If you have any concerns regarding your own medical history and having Spa treatments we recommend getting your Doctors approval prior to booking. If you have cancer, or are undergoing cancer treatment, please notify us.

In nearly all cases we can select
a treatment or create a package that will actually help your
specific condition.

Maternity treatments are suitable from 16+ weeks. If you are pregnant please let us know when you are making your booking, this will enable us to guide you through the best and most suitable treatment available to you. If you are pregnant and have a pre-existing health condition or have had complications with you last or previous pregnancies please get your Doctors approval before having
Spa treatments.

Please remove all jewellery before you visit the Spa.

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