The Grounding Full Body Massage

A restorative massage treatment to soothe and comfort the full body using slow and rhythmical techniques helps alleviate muscular tension while having a meditative, deeply relaxing effect.

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The Grounding Ritual

Enjoy a treatment that provides you with the space and time to reconnect to source, tap into your body’s ability to self-repair and realign, and leave you feeling replenished and grounded in your body. Focused on the back of the body and specifically centred on the areas that are prone to tightness and tension.


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Ache Away Hot Stone Treatment

The warmth of a hot stone massage treats the muscles, relieving tension in the back, neck and shoulders. But first, a thorough exfoliation rouses the pores and nerve endings. The treatment finishes with a soothing mask and scalp massage.


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Back Massage

Enjoy a massage that reduces stress-related tension and discomfort in the back and shoulders.


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Golfers Tonic

Enjoy a massage that helps to relax tense muscles and relieve stiffness and fatigue, putting you back in great playing form.


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The Classic Full Body Massage

The classic full-body massage is a Swedish-style massage that we tailor to your specific preferences or needs. 

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