There are few places as beautiful and as evocative as Mount Juliet for practicing the ancient art of archery, though of course, our equipment and training are of the highest modern standards. We welcome archers of all abilities and ages, from six upward. Our trained personnel are there to ensure your safety and to give you any tips or training you may need.


There is some question as to whether the term ‘Sport of Kings’ refers to Falconry or to Horse riding. The good news is, we offer both at Mount Juliet. Your falconry experience takes the form of a walk through the estate, with our expert falconers from Hawkeye Falconry. Whether or not you have experienced falconry before, you will have your chance to handle these magnificent creatures, letting them fly from your gloved hand and returning to feed. It’s a profound experience to interact so closely with a hunting animal.

Private Hawk Walk

We offer 2 Private Hawk Walks:

Option 1

Duration: 60 minutes 

Cost: €70 for 1 person and €30 per person extra

Option 2

 Duration: 90 minutes

Cost: €100 for 1 person and €50 oer per extra

During your Hawk Walk you will be taught how to recall the Hawk from the trees. Then with the Falconer you will set off on your Hawk Walk through The Estate. You will take over the flying of the Hawk and call the Hawk to you gloved fist several times.

You will finish your Hawk Walk with an Owl Encounter, there will be an opportunity to fly one or 2 of our Owls and learn about the species.

The Hawk Walk is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Falconry , see our beautiful Estate and take photos.


 For Enquiries please contact John Duggan 


Phone: 0830039743

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