A place of peace & tranquility

The magnificent gardens at Mount Juliet Estate form a haven of peace and tranquillity. There are three main elements to the gardens. First, there’s an informal stream and rockery area near the drive, past the Jack Nicklaus Championship golf course, on the approach to Mount Juliet Manor House. Then there’s an old, walled rose garden, which has been replanted with a mixture of modern and old-fashioned roses. The highlight of the grounds is a walled, ornamental garden, with many charming features. In particular, the stunning double herbaceous borders, which are famous for their ever-changing colours, from early summer to late autumn.

The great houses of the 18th Century reflect a time of stability, when the families who had lived in defensive castles, were able to focus on the good things in life, rather than merely protection. The exquisite gardens and majestic woodlands across Mount Juliet Estate, with their variety of native and exotic trees, are a reflection of this time. Horizons were widening and people were traveling more, bringing new ideas and styles to their homes and gardens. An example of this would be the Japanese style circular window, designed to frame the setting sun. The Walled Gardens at Mount Juliet were designed in the 1930s by the noted landscape gardener Marguerite Solly Flood, who was also the Royal Gardener at the time.



As well as being a beautiful and serene place to wander, Mount Juliet’s gardens also provide for the needs of the kitchen. We continue the big house tradition of vegetable gardens and orchards, but we are particularly proud to be home to one of Ireland’s largest herb gardens. Ken Harker is head chef of Mount Juliet’s Michelin Star restaurant ‘The Lady Helen’. He is passionate about honest-to-goodness ingredients that deliver the true flavours of fresh food. Ken seeks out local artisan produce from the region for his exciting and innovative dishes but he is most proud of the flavours he achieves from our own gardens. As he says, “A kitchen that strives for honesty and great taste can’t go wrong”. It’s not just your taste buds that benefit. The air is alive with fresh aromas and vivid colours making a walk in the gardens at Mount Juliet a feast for the eyes and a balm for the soul.

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The Manor House provides the finest luxury accommodation with 32 individually designed bedrooms.

Hunter's Yard, located in Mount Juliet Estate, is a chic country retreat offering laid back luxury with a twist.