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At Mount Juliet Estate we offer a unique range of activities on the estate, unparalleled in the way they combine deep-seated historical traditions with the best modern equipment and practices.
Please call reception to book an activity. 
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Voltage in Ireland is 220v-240v=50Hz.
Multiple travel adapters for different electrical fittings are available to purchase at reception. Mount Juliet Estate cannot accept responsibility or liability for any damage their use may cause. For assistance, please contact reception.


The air conditioning control panel is located beside the door to your room. Press the on/off button on the panel to begin. The display will show the current room temperature. To adjust the heat in the room, press the ^ v arrows to reach your desired temperature. To change the mode from heating to cooling click on the button with the mode icons. If you need help adjusting the temperature in your room, please call reception.


The air conditioning control panel is located beside the main light switch in your room. Tap the screen to begin. The display will show the current room temperature. Tap on the temperature display and it will open the menu. To adjust the heat in the room press the ^ v arrows to reach your desired temperature. If you need help adjusting the temperature in your room, please call reception.


Daily flight arrivals and departure information are available at reception.
Shannon Airport –
Dublin and Cork Airports –


Our reception team will be happy to help you book chauffeur-driven limousines, car rentals or taxi services. 


From budding little Robin Hoods to championship-level bowmen, we welcome archers of all ages and abilities to practice this ancient art. 
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Please call reception to book. 


Though Mount Juliet Estate doesn’t provide a direct babysitting service, we can arrange a babysitter on your behalf. Please contact Reception before noon and at least 3 hours in advance to make arrangements for a babysitter.

The babysitter will be known to the hotel and in some cases may be one of our employees. However, if one of our staff, while babysitting, he/she is off duty and the services provided are outside the scope of his/her normal employment at the hotel. Therefore as such, in relation to the baby-sitting service, the is simply acting as the babysitter’s agent in respect to arranging and collecting charges for the babysitting services provided. We would be pleased to arrange for you to meet the babysitter, prior to engagement, as the Hotel does not warrant the skills of the babysitter and therefore, the selection is entirely at the guest’s own discretion. Accordingly, as the babysitting service does not form part of the contract between the Hotel and its guests for lodging. The Hotel does not accept any responsibilities for the acts/omissions of the babysitter and will not be responsible for any loss/damage to guests’ belongings arising out of, or in any way connected with, the babysitting service.


An ATM machine is located beside the reception in Hunters Yard.


For your comfort, there is a Mount Juliet Estate bathrobe in your wardrobe. You are welcome to wear your robe while visiting our Treatment Suites.


Take advantage of our complimentary bicycles and explore the grounds of the estate. Mount Juliet Estate cannot accept responsibility or liability for any injury or damage caused during their use.

Please contact Reception to borrow a bike. 


Printing and scanning services are available via Reception.


A selection of Bvlgari amenities are available for your use. 


Check-out time is noon. Please contact Reception if your departure is delayed. Delayed check-out – between noon and 6 pm – will be charged as half a day, and departure after 6 pm will be charged as a full day. However, if you wish to vacate your room we can look after your baggage until your actual departure.


There are three pharmacies located in Thomastown.

Healy’s Pharmacy – 056 772 4216

Kissanes Pharmacy – 056 772 4000

Mulligans Pharmacy – 056 779 3000

Please contact Reception for more details.


Children are most welcome at Mount Juliet Estate, though we would ask parents to bear in mind the comfort and enjoyment of all other guests while supervising their children.

Please note – Due to the nature of the Estate, parents must supervise their children at all times. Areas such as, but not restricted to, the River Nore, the Lakes, Rose Garden, Lily Pond and Mount Juliet House Lily Pond, are areas for particular additional attention and caution. Children must be supervised, at all times, by a responsible adult. Mount Juliet Estate accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or accident which may occur.


Chrome cast is available in all rooms. You can cast from your mobile phone directly to the TV in your room. For assistance with the Chrome Cast please call reception. 


Details are available at the Reception.

Church of Ireland – St Canice’s Cathedral Kilkenny

Roman Catholic – Church of the Assumption Thomastown


From classics to blockbusters, Manor House’s exclusive cinema screens three different movies every day at 3 pm, 6 pm and at 9 pm, with a constantly changing programme. The cinema is for adults only and has 12 seats available to book.
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Local and International courier services can be arranged; please contact Reception.


We accept all major credit cards, i.e.Visa, American Express, Diners Club and MasterCard. Full details can be obtained from Reception.


We are happy to accommodate any special dietary needs. Please inform us at the time of booking and we can include special requirements on your booking. Please, also let your server know of any allergies or special dietary needs when in the restaurants or when ordering room service. 


For privacy, please place the ‘Do not disturb’ card on the outside of your door. If you do not wish to receive telephone calls, please inform the Telephone Operator. Please remember to remove the Do Not Disturb card, should you require Housekeeping service. Also, please remember to cancel the Telephone ‘privacy’ with the operator, when you wish to resume accepting calls. Please note that once the Do Not Disturb card is displayed, Housekeeping will not enter or service your room. Please note also that it is our policy, in the interests of safety and security, to contact ALL ‘Do not disturb’ rooms which have been on ‘Do Not Disturb’ all day, by 7 pm on the same day, to ensure all is in order.


If a doctor or medical assistant is required, please contact Reception.

Caredoc is an out-of-hours family doctor service for patients who have urgent medical issues.

Open 6 pm to 9 am, Weekends and Holidays. – 0818 300 365


As much as we love the animals that are resident on the grounds of the Estate, we are unable to accept pets, with the exception of service dogs. If you want to bring your extra family members on a future visit, conveniently located across the road is Ann’s Boarding Kennels and Day Care. For more information contact reception.


For added security, please apply the double locking devices available on the inside of your door. Upon leaving your room, please be sure your door is closed and locked.


A smart casual dress code is required when visiting the various lounges and The Lady Helen Dining Room in Manor House.


Tap water in Ireland is safe to drink. Mineral water is provided, in the guestrooms, with our compliments.


Should you require assistance, please press 0 for immediate assistance. Familiarise yourself with the emergency exits on your floor. There is a FIRE SAFETY card for your reference.

For your convenience, there is a floor plan indicating the emergency exits mounted on or near the entrance door to your room. In the event of an emergency, please proceed calmly to the nearest emergency exit. The Emergency Information Mode within the property is the Fire Alarm.


If you have difficulty hearing or, for any other reason, may require additional assistance in the event of a hotel evacuation, please advise Reception immediately. In the event of a fire in the building, please remain calm.

Locate your room key and take it with you.

Locate all available exits marked on the floor plan, which is mounted on or near the entrance door to your room or suite.

Check the entrance door for heat before opening it. Do not open the door if any part is warm or hot.

Proceed to the nearest available exit/stairway and continue to leave the building.

Proceed immediately to the Fire Assembly Point.

If you cannot reach the exit stairway safely, return to your room and call the operator immediately.

Wait for assistance to arrive.


Horses have always played an important part in Mount Juliet Estate’s rich history. Today, MJ Equestrian offers horse lovers a truly memorable experience with a state-of-the-art equestrian centre and world-class facilities.
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The Fairy Gardens are located next to the Playground. Children must be supervised, at all times, by a responsible adult; Mount Juliet Estate accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or accident which may occur.


Mount Juliet Estate has two rivers running within its walls: the famous River Nore and its tributary, the King’s River. Both rivers have supplied our tables with plentiful catches of salmon and wild brown trout, through the years. Find out more.
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To book please call reception. 


Please contact Reception or see the below florists:

Petals and Blooms – Thomastown – (056) 779 3309

Lamber de Bie – Kilkenny – (056) 777 0161


To play golf at Mount Juliet is to experience up to 7,200 yards of visionary, a Jack Nicklaus Signature Designed Parkland, set across 180 acres of rolling Irish countryside. To book a round of Golf, contact the golf shop on 056 777 3071 to request hotel resident rates. 


Our Gift Vouchers are available for purchase online or at reception.
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For a selection of gifts and sundry items, please visit the Golf Shop located in the Clubhouse.


For general information, such as mail, messages, restaurant reservations, car rental, and travel arrangements, please contact the Reception.


We are delighted to provide a wide range of guest supplies for your personal use during your stay. If you would like to purchase a new item prior to your departure, please contact Reception, who will arrange delivery to your room and post the charge to your account.

Should you prefer to take the article from your room, please advise Reception, and we will be happy to post the appropriate charges to your account or credit card on or after your departure.


Kitted out with state-of-the-art Matrix equipment, our five-star gym is designed to give you a five-star workout.
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To book call reception. 


Extra pillows, iron and ironing board, bedboard, blankets and additional room amenities are available, please contact the Reception.


Please contact room service for ice. 


To connect to the Manor House Wi-Fi, select the
Guests@Manor_House network on your device.
To connect to Hunter’s Yard Wi-Fi, select the
Guests@Hunters_Hotel network.
No password is required to use the Wi-Fi.


Please safeguard your room key. Do not give your key to others. If your key is lost or misplaced, please contact Reception immediately so that a new key can be provided for you.


Lady Helen is one of Ireland’s most unique dining experiences.  Serving outstanding modern Irish cuisine in a magnificent 260-year-old country manor, John Kelly’s menus champion the finest of Irish natural produce.
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To make a booking call reception. 


For Dry Cleaning and Laundry services, please ensure you fill in the laundry sheet provided and drop it at reception before 9 am.


There is a lift available in Hunters Yard, which services all bedrooms and meeting rooms in Hunters Yards. 

Unfortunately, there is no lift in Manor House.


For baggage collection and storage, please contact reception.


The Manager on Duty will be happy to assist you at any time, please contact Reception.


View a map of the estate here


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A selection of Irish and international newspapers are available through the app PressReader.
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If you would like to order a hard copy of a national newspaper, please contact reception.


Fill the water tank to the rear of the machine with cold water.
Plug the machine into the socket and turn on the power supply.
Select your preferred coffee capsule.
Lift the lever on the machine, place the capsule in the dedicated slot and pull the lever down fully.
Select your preferred style of coffee drink from the machine’s menu and enjoy.


Explore our charming estate with a luxurious picnic. We will assemble a bespoke gourmet hamper that you can share with your loved one.
To book a picnic, call reception. 
Sample Picnic Menu


A selection of different pillow types are available for your added comfort, please contact Reception for further details.


The Children’s play area is situated between Hunter’s Yard and the Rose Garden Lodges. The facility is offered with our compliments for the use of all children of Hotel patrons. Children must be supervised, at all times, by a responsible adult; Mount Juliet Estate accepts no responsibility or liability for any injury or accident which may occur.


Please refer to the channel guide on the TV screen in your room.


Room service is available 24 hours a day. To place an order, please call reception. 

Room Service Menu in Hunters Yard

Room Service Menu in Manor House


A safe is available in your room. Please note that the Hotel’s liability is strictly limited to that stated in the Hotel Proprietors Act 1963. Please remember to empty your safe and leave it open on your departure.


Mount Juliet Estate is patrolled 24 hours by our Security staff. For your security and privacy, guests are advised to secure the double lock feature of their guest room door.


Shaving kits are available at Reception.


Smoke detectors are installed in each room for guest safety, sprinklers are also fitted in certain areas of the property. In the event of a fire, please evacuate the room immediately. In the case of a false alarm, please contact Reception to have the smoke detector reset. 


We are pleased to advise that Mount Juliet Estate, in compliance with legislation, is smoke-free. If a guest smokes in a room a fine of €250 will be applied to the guest’s bill.


For your comfort, there is a pair of slippers in your wardrobe.


Slip beneath the surface and clear your head in Mount Juliet’s beautiful 15-metre swimming pool. Housed in a stylish pool house, you’ll find a tranquil and refreshing place to swim and relax.
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To book please contact reception. Please note swimming caps are required and can be purchased at the health club. 


Taxis may be booked via Reception. Please note that as the taxi will be arriving from Thomastown or further, they are subject to availability. Please allow a minimum of 45 minutes for the taxi to arrive for collection.


For an external phone line, please dial ‘9’ followed by the telephone number. For overseas calls dial ‘9’ followed by the country code and telephone number you require. 
In Hunters Yard to call reception, please dial ‘3’.

In Manor House to call reception, please dial ‘0’.

To call another guest’s room dial ‘5’ + The Hunter’s Yard room number or Press ‘55’ + The Manor House room number you require. 


Our tennis court is available for use by our guests and we can provide you with the racquets and the equipment required. Please contact Reception to make a booking.


The Hound restaurant offers a relaxed dining experience that champions high-quality local-source produce.
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To make a booking call reception.  


In the interest of security, non-registered visitors are not encouraged in guest rooms after 12:00 midnight.


Please contact Reception to arrange your wake-up call.


Mount Juliet Estate is pleased to provide a list of walking trails on The Estate. 
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For special assistance, wheelchairs can be made available via Reception.